Grow, Go and Know 1 Corinthians 7:17-40

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Where were you before you knew Christ?
Where are you now as a believer in Christ?  
Where are you headed?  
What do you need to work on?  
The new church of Corinth was bombarding Paul with questions like these as they fumbled around like a child learning to walk.  Paul was able to calm their nerves by letting them know that the first step in faith isn’t necessarily the hardest step at all.  Sometimes you just have to grow a little where you are currently planted.  Then, as God leads, go to where your next step is.  But you must know God’s voice, will, and intent for you.
This passage speaks more directly to the social dynamic of his day, but the intent transcends generations.  We, too, though walking different paths, are called to do the same thing.  Pastor Dwayne Dasher makes this more applicable to us in our generation and challenges us to see where we are, recognize where to go, and to discern God’s will for our life.