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What is a Christian American? 7/5/2020

Today we step off of our current path and address something that needs to be acknowledged:  the state of our country.  We as God’s people are called to do more than just observe and render opinions on what’s going on, but to be involved like never before.  “If God’s people were fervent in prayer for their country and their leaders, what would be the condition of country today?  Everyday I pray to God to bring a huge movement of the Gospel on our land, to save and redeem millions and millions and millions of Americans; to revive His church.” – Pastor Aaron Webb

Rev Aaron Webb 7/5/2020
Out of the Crucible Into Heaven  6/28/2020
As we step into the last in the series, “Life In Crucible – The Story of Elijah”, we see Elijah blazing a path to different cities and locations of significance both to him and the history of Jews to this point.  His protege, Elisha, was with him the entire time despite being told the opposite.  But Elisha didn’t want to miss a single second with his teacher.  Pastor Aaron show the final path of Elijah and why each stop was significant as we bring this series to a close. 
Rev Aaron Webb 6/28/2020
Happy Father’s Day!  6/21/2020
We are finally back live!  There is nothing like true fellowship and praising God together.  As we celebrate Father’s Day we examine  Luke 15 where Jesus taught us the love of God the Father through the parable of the lost, or prodigal son.  Even when it seems we’ve gone to the lowest possible place in our life, God is always willing and ready to receive the repentant soul.
Rev Aaron Webb 6/21/2020
Life in the Crucible, Part 8  6/14/2020
As we reach the 2nd to last message in the series, “Life In The Crucible – The Store of Elijah”, we step out of 1 Kings and into 2 Kings.  King Ahaziah, son of King Ahab  and Jezebel, was a chip off of the old block.  he walked the exact same path as his parents.  Due to his stubborn and arrogant nature and blatant idolatry, God’s wrath was provoked and not only took his life but 102 of his soldiers.  Using King Ahaziah’s  example, Pastor Aaron Webb shows us God’s warnings for those who defy Him.
Rev Aaron Webb 6/14/2020
Life in the Crucible, Part 7  6/7/2020
In the next message of “life In The Crucible – The Story of Elijah”, we find King Ahab experiencing the different  sides of God:  The God of blessing, the God of instruction, the God of discipline, and the God of wrath.  Pastor Arron Webb takes us through 1 Kings 20-22 and shows us how God tried and tried to give King Ahab a chance to be loyal and blessed, but he blatantly walked his own path which led to his prophesied demise.
Rev Aaron Webb 6/7/2020
Life in the Crucible, Part 6  5/31/2020
Have you had one of those days where it seems like you are on top of the world…until…someone pushes you over the edge?  In this next installment of “Life in the Crucible – The Story of Elijah”, we see just that.  In 1 Kings 19, he is running for his life because of death threats from Jezebel.  But God has bigger and better plans for him.  God reaches out to him, restores him, and sends him out on a new mission.
Rev Aaron Webb 5/31/2020
Life in the Crucible, Part 5  5/24/2020
First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for all veterans who laid down their lives for this country.  May we never take their sacrifice for granted. 
Today we are continuing our series on “Life In The Crucible – The Story of Elijah” as we dig into 1 Kings 18 where Elijah goes head to head with the prophets of the false god, Baal.  God is not only the God who answers, but answers with fire.
Rev Aaron Webb 5/24/2020
Life in the Crucible, Part 4  5/17/2020
Today we are continuing our in depth study of Elijah in 1 Kings 17.  We find him dealing with a deeply emotional problem with the death of the son of the widow who was giving Elijah shelter.  Pastor Aaron shines a light on the event to remind us that the only way to effectively deal with problems we perceive to be unbearable is to give them to a God who is bigger. 
Rev Aaron Webb 5/17/2020
Mother’s Day Service, 5/10/2020
We are most honored to celebrate all of the mothers at Lighthouse Baptist Church, and every mother that is watching our broadcast today.  Pastor Aaron brings us scriptural direction on how to be a Godly mother by using Timothy and the influence his mother and grandmother had in his faith.
Rev Aaron Webb 5/10/2020
Life In The Crucible, Part 3   5/3/2020
Today we are venturing a little further into the story of Elijah in the 3rd installment of “Life In The Crucible”.  Br. Aaron give us a very good example of just how far God can bless us when we simply obey Him.  Even if the situation isn’t the best, God still give His best to us and is always with us.  
Rev Aaron Webb 5/3/2020
Life In The Crucible, Part 2   4/26/2020
This morning we are continuing our study on Elijah in the series “Life In The Crucible”.  In our study of 1 Kings 17 we find God has called Elijah to retreat to a place of shelter where God says He will find ways to meet Elijah’s needs.  Today Pastor Aaron digs into this event and shows similarities of how we, too, should find strength in retreating away from life’s battles.
Rev Aaron Webb 4/26/2020
Life In The Crucible, Part 1   4/19/2020
Today we are digging deep into the Old Testament to being a new study on Elijah called “Life in the Crucible”.  Follow Br. Aaron as he draws similarities between our world today and Elijah’s and how much of a battle it was for him to take a stand for God in the face of adversity.
Rev Aaron Webb 4/19/2020
Easter Service 2020
Today we celebrate the risen King of kings and Lord of lords.  The tomb is STILL empty!  Jesus is STILL alive!  
Though we are at home during this epidemic, we are celebrating communion as a body of believers commanded by Jesus.
Rev Aaron Webb 4/12/2020
Palm Sunday 2020
In today’s message, we acknowledge Jesus as the triumphant King as we celebrate Palm Sunday.
Pastor Aaron draws a similarity between Jesus going to Jerusalem right before His crucifixion to Abraham taking Isaac to offered as a sacrifice before being replaced at the last second with a lamb caught in the brush near them.
Rev Aaron Webb 4/5/2020
Sunday Morning Service  3/29/2020
We are pushing forward with our live streaming services on Facebook with the launch of studio.  
Pastor Aaron pulls on the strengths found in Psalm 46 to reassure us to stand firm in faith in God our Father during this time of uncertainty.
Rev Aaron Webb
Sunday Morning Service  3/22/2020
Today is a day for firsts for Lighthouse:
   – First live web stream of a Sunday morning service
   – First message from Rev. Aaron Webb as our new Interim Pastor
   – First time a message was watched internationally (Haiti!)
Br. Aaron reminds us what truths the Bible brings in times of confusion and doubt.
Rev.  Aaron Webb 3/22/2020
Wednesday Evening Service  3/18/2020
Well, to say that it took a disease to push us into the 21st century of live service broadcast would be the truth.  
In this Wed Night message from Rev. Larry Spier, he draws comical comparisons of how the church should be supportive and encouraging to one another especially during hard times… just like Canadian geese.
Rev. Larry Speir