Note from the Pastor & Org. Team on Re-Opening the church amid & after COVID-19.


The Organizational Team (OT) has met and the following is our recommendations to Lighthouse Baptist Church.
1.  We want to thank all our members and friends for your faithfulness to pray for our church.  Thank you for your faithfulness to give.  The work has gone on, especially through the online streaming.  Many, even hundreds, have tuned in from several counties, states, and even foreign countries.  This virus has actually expanded our ministry.  This work could not, cannot, go forward without you and your involvement.  Thank you.
2.  The OT felt that it would be best to err on the side of caution and not rush our opening.  We want to open with all our people being able to come.  Some of our members are restricted by medical reasons to mid-June.  So we thought coming together should involve all of us at the first serivce.  Our date is Father’s Day, June 21, 2020.
3.  We will practice the social distancing standards by recommending you wear masks (not mandatory).  The auditorium will be marked off to maintain six-foot distancing.  Ushers will assist at the doors.  Families should sit together but separate from others.  Offerings with be received as we exit.  Audience right will exit through the rear doors and audience left will exit through the glass doors.  The point is to maintain a social distance even in the parking lot.  
4.  We will have hand sanitizer available and masks if you like.  Our service will be somewhat abbreviated.  There will be no Sunday School, children or teen programs as yet.  There will not be a “meet and greet” time.  Please, no hand shaking or hugging.  We understand this may be hard, but it is truly necessary at this time.
5.  If you feel sick, feverish, have a cough, if you are fearful or uneasy, or not well in anyway, please stay home and watch the live streaming.  We will continue live streaming even after coming back together.
6.  The auditorium will be cleaned and sanitized after the services.  We will have a thorough prepping Tuesday June 16 6:00-9:00 PM.  We would appreciate your assistance in preparing our church for Father’s Day service.  Thank you.
7.  June 21 and 28 will be Sunday morning services only.  Wednesday night services will begin July 1.  We want to monitor the overall situation in our church, county, and state before adding Sunday School and youth programs.  One item we will carefully consider is when schools will open.  We hope to start Sunday School and Children’s Church August 2 and youth program August 5.
8.  Please keep all this and each other in prayer.  Please share your thoughts with the OT. 

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